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3D-Measuring Technology

Since 2011, we have expanded our service portfolio to include mobile 3D metrology. Our measuring technicians support you with high-quality FARO© equipment for a variety of tasks around tactile and non-contact 3D measurements.

3D Coordinate Measurement

  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© Platinum-Arm
  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© VANTAGE Lasertracker
  • Performing measurement tasks with Faro© EDGE Scanarm
  • Software PolyWorks© 2017

Wage Measurements

  • Carrying out tactile wage measurements according to client specifications
    • Target / actual comparison of components
    • quality control
    • Measuring according to inspection characteristic plans
    • Creation of meaningful measurement protocols

Layout Outline - Staking Hall Layouts

  • Highly accurate transfer of plant layouts to reality
    • Marking of all relevant points
    • Placement of foundation plates and fixtures
    • Marking holes
    • Cover up to 80m radius (without moving the tracker)

Is Layout Recording

  • High accuracy measurement of existing plants
    • Measurement of all relevant points
    • Reference creation to arbitrary coordinate systems
    • Creation of meaningful measurement protocols / documentation

Measuring Robot to Device

  • High-precision measurement of robots for the device
    • Calculation of workobject and basis data
    • Reduction of the correction effort when importing simulation programs
    • Exact grid reference of application points

Measuring / Reference Measuring of Tools / Fixtures

  • Calibration with CAD zero dimension
    • Measuring all circulation and centering
    • Shims setting to CAD zero
    • Creating supplement documentation
    • Create meaningful measurement logs


  • Non-contact 3D scanning for detailed measurements of surface shapes and complex free-form surfaces

Other Tactile 3D Measurement Tasks

  • Performing tactile 3D measurement tasks of all kinds